The SPS Progress Monitoring Goal Setting APP is the number one choice for calculating Progress Monitoring Goals. The App provides practitioners with a quick and easy method for developing research-based goals when progress monitoring with commercially available General Outcome Indicators (i.e., DIBELS Next, DIBELS Math, CBM, and FAST).

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Features you will love about the SPS Progress Monitoring Goal Setting APP:

Comes pre-installed with growth rates for a wide range of tests

Supports many common GOIs (DIBELS Next, DIBELS Math, CBM, and FAST)

Automatic calculation of goal (just enter in weeks and select a growth rate).

Easily edit or change goal by clicking on the student

Simple easy user-friendly interface

Student goals saved and accessible on main page

Here is how easy it is to use:.

  • Tap the “add new goal” button on the launch page
  • On the next page enter the students name
  • Tap the "select test type” drop down and select a GOI type
  • Next tap the “select test” drop down and select a test
  • Select a grade
  • Enter a baseline score
  • A test and grade specific growth rate will appear in the “select growth rate section”
  • Select a start and end date
  • Finally, tap “calculate goal”

That’s all! Now “save and exit” and immediately you will see the student's goal on the main page with number of weeks and test name.

You can change the goal simply by pressing on the student and changing any of the values and recalculating the goal.